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5045 series

Brought to you by Azure Power Engineering co., these propellers are designed specifically for mini-copter racing and freestyle flying.

Speed (Blast)- ★★★    Cornering (Sharp) ★★★★★ 
Noise (Quietness)  ★★★★★   Strength (Toughness) ★★★★★
Power (Energy-saving)  ★★★★★   Feel (Bottomline)   ★★★★★


Length 5"  Pitch= 4.5˚  Hub ID = 5mm

Material & Style
PC HG.(High-grade) Polycarbonate 4.95g
PGF HG.Polycarbonate Enhanced Glass Fiber 4.98g
PPA Carbon Fiber PPA Reinforced Carbon Fiber  5.01g

What in the package?

Single Pack
1x Set of Props: 2x CCW Propellers, 2x CW Propellers

5 Value Pack
5x Set of Props: 10x CCW Propellers, 10x CW Propellers

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