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Heli Tail Blades


Designed For Extreme 3D Carbon Fiber Edition

Unique blade design and outstanding performance

AZ Tail Blade features a unique design that has been carefully and repeatedly tested to position the perfect propeller center of gravity. Excellent center of gravity increases flight stability while providing fast pitch response and precise control. In addition, the optimized design of the tip contour has been given special attention and lowers overall noise levels. This new tip reduces energy loss and reduces the speed changes when loaded. This means overall efficiency has been improved.

Flawless design for a superior flight experience and feel
The blade design features a non-uniform chord width across the entire blade. Combined with a unique airfoil, these aspects provide improved flight performance and smooth control. The new AZ Tail Blades will unleash the full potential of your helicopter.

 Specifications AZ-86 AZ-105
AZ-105-Tri AZ-115
Length 86mm 105mm 105 115mm 95mm
Width 26.-27.5mm 28.5-31.5mm 28.5-31.5mm
Grip >5mm >5mm >5mm >5mm >5mm
Hole 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm 3mm
Weight 5.5g 6.6g g 7.6g g


Material & Style
Premium Carbon Fiber
What in the package?

Single Pack
1x Set of Tails Blades, 2x CW Propellers

Tri-Blade Pack
1x Set of Tails Blades, 3x CW Propellers

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